MTBoS #3 – Patterns Galore!

So for this weeks MTBoS post, I’ve decided to check out Visual Patterns. I’ve already spent a whole unit looking at patterns and building a table and equation from the pattern. What I like about this site is that the problems are ready for me to use as quick warm ups AND some of the problems are quite challenging. I can also ask students to determine if the pattern is linear or not and keep those ideas fresh in their mind. I’m going to use this site all next week to see how it will work out.

What I’m excited to do is get students to create their own patterns by taking a picture with their phones and emailing it to the class. I really want to work hard this year to keep the idea of linear relationships fresh in their minds so when we get to quadratics, we have some skills and vocabulary to build off of.

This post isn’t as revolutionary or exciting this week. I’ve got to get some inspiration and pull of a great post about student blogging. That’s coming soon, there were some good student realizations in my classroom this week!

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