MTBoS Week 2: The Whole Sphere’s a Twitter

So I’m rather new to the MTBoS. I’ve been a silent observer for awhile and am so grateful for this 8 week bootcamp to get me into a sustainable schedule of posting. I use an iPad to teach in my classroom (versus the whiteboard, smartboard, or a document camera) and use the app Notability┬áto write on my worksheets. It basically functions as a smartboard, in that what I write on my iPad is projected to the screen. I can use multiple colors, I can type, I can erase, and I can even move around stuff I’ve written. For example, here’s a worksheet from the other day:

Sample Notability


What I really like is that since Twitter is installed on my iPad, I can tweet the notes directly from the app. So after class, I just quickly send my notes to Twitter and anyone can access my notes without even needed a Twitter account.

For the most part I like this resource and need to figure out other clever ways of getting more students to check it out. If anyone has done something similar or has other ideas, please do share!

I’ll write an article soon about my iPad + Apple TV + Notability setup so that other can benefit from a really amazing classroom experience!



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    1. Yeah I have the Doceri app too, but this one is much easier to use. Link your Dropbox account and your pdfs are automatically synced back to your computer for easy access.

  1. Cute pun in the title. As to the use, wow… quick glance at your feed – looks like you even use a hashtag with those tweets to make them more obvious? I know a colleague of mine has an app such that she can interface her phone with her SmartBoard, but I’ve never been quite that technical. Don’t think I’m of much help here! Anyone else in your school using iPads like that?

    I also have to ask now… what was CAT short for?

    1. A bunch of my colleagues are now using it. I was the first to do it a couple years ago. It really makes for a great way to teach.
      CAT = City Arts & Technology High School, the school where I teach. Decided it was best to remove that and sadly, @mrbarrette was already taken by what appears to be a spam bot. Thanks for the comment! Love your blog, going to start reading it!

  2. Sweet set up! Using tablets in the classroom is always fun; I only really get as far as using it while I wander around to check on what students are ding in gdocs, or to be a presenter control – I never thought about integrating the notetaking and distribution part before!

    I’m looking forward to the post on the complete setup!


  3. Very cool. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been out of the classroom for four years now, and it amazes me in that short amount of time what technology is available now and how it is being used in clever ways. You mentioned that you don’t have a document camera. Is there some way that you are able to use the iPad to project student work in its place? Can you just take a picture of it and push it to the screen using the Notability app?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I can do exactly what you say. Either show it in the Camera app, or import into Notability if I want to write on it. It really does a great job of replacing a document camera. I also have students write on the iPad from their seat or I myself am able to sit anywhere in the class to write. This helps for classes which have behavior challenges.

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