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My newest project (and most favorite project so far this year) is the Logos Project. Students pick a logo that has mostly straight edges and then recreate it in Desmos by finding the equations of the lines that represent the edges. I like this project so much because students have choice and this makes it more engaging for them.

Here’s some sample logos that were created:





I broke this project up into 5 benchmarks. Since I teach freshmen, I like to break up the project for them. When I do this, I get a higher completion rate. The benchmarks are as follows:

  • Benchmark #1: Pick a logo, reflect on your logo
  • Benchmark #2: Trace your logo, label edges, find ordered pairs from endpoints of edges
  • Benchmark #3: Find the slope and y-intercept to get the line that represents the edge.
  • Benchmark #4: Find the domain and range.
  • Benchmark #5: Plot everything in Desmos and reflect.

What I like…

I like this project a lot because it reinforces the skills of  finding slope, finding the line between two points, and domain and range. Having a project like this to reinforce skills is much more exciting than a list of book problems.

As students begin to plot their lines, they get instant feedback on whether their lines are correct or not. Students who get them all correct instantly have a logo. Other students who have lines that don’t match their logo then have to go back and fix their lines. This leads to conversations about the slope, the line, and possibly the domain. I then get to work 1-1 with these select students to reinforce their skills.

This activity is also easily modifiable for students with IEPs. You can select more basic logos for those students or even logos with less lines. This helps keep the activity rigorous for all students and gives them a sense of accomplishment when they have their printed logo displayed with everyone else.

What I don’t like and want to change…

First of all, some students took way too long to select their logo. I had some students who spend well over 2 class periods picking a logo. I need to think of a way to have preselected logos for these students so they spend no more than say 10-15 minutes selecting a logo.

Tracing the logo can also be a bit difficult. Students had difficulty lining up the logo to the coordinate plane. While I like this activity to have decimals, some students had all ordered pairs with decimals. It would be nice to have a way to put the graph paper onto the image before it’s printed. I’ve tried this in Desmos, but it didn’t allow me to resize the image afterwards.

More thoughts… 

I am definitely doing this project again next year! I will probably move the project to my second unit as a completion to linear equations before moving to systems of equations. This year the project happened after I completed systems because I was originally going to make this more about systems, but realized it would have been too complex to work out with the limited time I have.

If you are thinking of doing this project, I highly recommend it!! It is really a lot of fun!

NOTE: I’ve written an updated post about the second time around, read it here!

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