Logos Project – Take 2

This year I revisited one of my favorite projects from last year: The Logos Project. I wrote about last year and you can find that post here: Logos Project Original Post

I just finished this project the second time and things went much smoother. I also got some much more complicated logos from students. Here are some samples:

Yahoo Logo 1 Direction Logo Wonder Woman Logo Falcon Logo Batman Logo


Changes I made this year…

One of the issues I had last year was students taking too long to select a logo. Therefore, I set a time limit of 10 minutes to select a logo. If a student did not have one picked and approved by me after 10 minutes, they had to choose a logo from about 12 logos pre-selected for them. This worked really well to get all students moving right away.

No Logos

For students with IEPs, I adjusted their graphs to fit the coordinate plane to minimize decimal values. While I value decimals and fractions because they more closely model how real life mathematics works, I don’t want to overwhelm students who have specific goals in math. I also allowed them to choose graphs with more horizontal and vertical lines, making the overall calculations easier. Here are some sample graphs from those students:

IEP Sample Graph IEP Sample Graph IEP Sample Graph

Overall, this is a project I would continue to do. It was fun to have my students from last year stop by and comment about how much they liked the project from last year. I wish this project could be done more digitally. It would be nice to have a problem set on Khan Academy that has students plot lines from a logo. Or even have Desmos create a project where students practice plotting lines for a logo and it collects the data for a teacher like their other activities here.

Reach out if you want any of the activity materials!

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  1. I am doing a similar activity over the next few weeks. I would love to see your materials and I can share what I have started as well! I would suggest making a desmos activity (in the activity builder) so you can have all of their graphs in one place!

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