Quadratic Change

With the depth that Common Core standards explore quadratics in Algebra 1, I had to rewrite the intro to my quadratics unit last year. We just started exploring it again this year and my students this year are understanding it way more than last year. I wanted to share, so enjoy!

Lesson 1: Quadratics Pre-Assessment

This lesson gives different situations (linear, quadratic, and exponential) and asks students to show which they are using a table, graph, or description. This was done in groups and students were asked to use “math talk” to describe their thinking.

Lesson 2: Intro to Quadratics

This lesson has students building quadratic relationships using the area of a rectangle given a specific constraint. This helped students see the relationship between independent/dependent variable, tables, graphs, and the function.

Lesson 3: Quadratic Patterns (versus linear)

This lesson gives a pattern that has both linear and quadratic change and has students examining the pattern to derive the equations.

Lesson 4: Quadratic Sequences (and writing quadratic functions)

Students really examine quadratic change and learn how to construct a function if given the first few values in the relationship.


As always, if you would like the word files, let me know!

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