Kindle Classroom Project

A social networking site designed to encourage students to read more books (on kindles and in print) and provide data to founder on frequency, book reviews, and trends in book selection. Planned integration of donor pages allowing anyone to donate a kindle or book and receive updates on when a student finishes a book. Built with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, OpenBook API.


A redesign of original intervention site at mrbarrette.com, Blend2Learn is a data centered site for allowing teachers to monitor the progress of their students and provide feedback. The site allows teachers to modify quizzes based on a student’s ability, a requirement in today’s classroom and encourage discussion through blog posts and interactive forums. Built with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery.

Main course page with links, registration codes for teachers, and a feed with information for the class.
Your own blog, complete with comments.






View important data about a quiz right from the main quiz page.
See the answer a student chose and how long they spent on a question.







The first Ruby on Rails project I worked on to bring a full social experience to my classroom

Blog Prompts for students to free write and answer critical thinking questions about class.
Ability to add projects and structure your curriculum for project based learning. (Note: Last names and some pictures hidden for privacy)
Teacher dashboard for course showing current quiz data and quick links.
Upload files to automatically share with your class.

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